The first time I held a copy of a T’Hud a strange feeling washed over me. After months of planning, designing, writing and editing, Huddersfield’s new student magazine that, until then, had only existed in my head, was finally real and the emotional release was overwhelming.

Although it was obviously better than the publication it had replaced, after thumbing through a few pages all I could see were improvements I would make for the next issue. Ideas for articles and new ways of engaging our readers began to flow and I drank in every piece of feedback I could get my hands on.

It was the moment I transformed from being an amateur into a professional journalist.

Suddenly the music journalism degree that I had halted my telecoms career for in 2011 seemed a lot less frivolous and any doubts that had lingered about leaving my well-paid job behind were quelled. Ever since the way I have approached all my writing – whether that might be a press release, web-site content, blogging or a social media update – has been done not out of self-gratification but with a purpose, for a targeted audience and a constant strive for improvement.

The shift has helped me establish a confidence in my work, which has been recognised by awards from the Students’ Union and the Vice Chancellor of the University. It has propelled me to a successful internship with BBC Radio Manchester and, more recently, seen the the local council have use one of my articles to help promote businesses within Huddersfield Town centre.

This website represents a portfolio of my professional work. If you wish to contact me do so via email: kevin@editradio.org

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