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Back To Work Wish-list

Nearly three years ago I gave up a comfy and well paid in career telecom’s to return to full-time education and get myself a (ahem first class) degree in Music Journalism. It’s been nearly a month since my graduation now and the time has been the longest I’ve been unemployed in my adult life. As a 33-year-old finding the best next step in my career is important and unless I can find the right role I will probably start my own business as a communications/social media/marketing strategist for small and medium sized businesses.

The mixture of applying for jobs and taking steps to set up my company is keeping me busy – and my face in the following expression:

photo (2)

As one tends to do when faced with the prospect of having little money coming in I’ve found myself fantasising about what my first purchases will be when the money starts to roll in again. So here is my ‘Back To Work Wish-list’ of clothes, tech and stuff that I plan to get with my first few paycheques:

Cutler and Gross Glasses – £295

As much as I love my black Dolce & Gabbana glasses, they’re nearly 5 years old now and are showing signs of wear. I’ve heard really good things from friends about the quality of Cutler and Gross’ acetate glasses and the Dark Turtle shell ones below are exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for.



iPad Mini 16GB – £319

With my 2009 MacBook starting to creak (and even fall apart a little bit) it’s time to start thinking about a replacement. Given my penchant for using Cloud Computing solutions like Google Drive to work with clients an iPad mini will be enough whilst I’m on the move and away from my workstation (which is a 2011 Mac Pro). My girlfriend has one and I must admit to having a little bit of tech envy every time she’s playing with it on the sofa.


Kanken Backpack – £60

Whilst I love my Freitag courier bag, sometimes a change of colour and style is necessary and I just adore the style and design of Kanken’s Classic backpack. It comes in an extensive range of colours, has amazing build quality and my friend managed to grab one in a sale for $40 on ASOS recently. My personal favourite is this Navy and Yellow number which would be a gratefully received Birthday present if any of my family happen to be reading this.


Nintendo 2DS – £90

As much as I love iPhone games like Drop 7, Puzzle and Dragons and Stickets, there’s nothing quite like having a purpose built gaming handheld to kill a commute. With the excellent array of Zelda’s, Super Mario’s, Fire Emblem’s and Pokemon’s available without the need for the achy eyes that the 3DS gives me, the 2DS is what I’ll be using when I’m on the move.


Field Notes Notebook – 3 pack for $9.95

“I said ‘send me stationary to make me horny'” sang Los Campesinos on their track Year in Lists and I have to say that hispter pens and books send me into a similar sexual frenzy. Top of my current want list are the Field Notes Notebooks because a.) they look like a prop from a Wes Anderson movie and b.) they come in lined, graph and plain paper varieties.



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