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Published on May 19th, 2015 | by Kevin Lawson


Back to work…

It’s been some 7 months since I last posted here – sorry about that – my attention has been elsewhere as life got in the way of regularly posting here. So what’s been happening? Well let me catch you up.

I started working in digital PR

Post completion of my degree at Uni (I got a first in Music Journalism and YES that is a real subject), I spent a few months unemployed and had started to set up my own company helping local businesses in Huddersfield manage their communications and social media channels. All of that was put on the back burner, when I was offered my first job in PR at Epiphany Search (see picture above).

Having previously worked in Telecoms for 5 years for Ericsson – a company with hundreds of thousands of employees – moving to one with around 150 has been a lovely shift. It’s allowed me to actually get-to-know the majority of my colleagues on face to face basis and given me the opportunity to apply my creativity thinking to think of digital campaigns for Waterstones and Carphone Warehouse other than business process documentation. It’s one of those hipster type jobs that I feel like I’ve been preparing for all my life and so far I love it! To any of my pals looking for change or wondering about what to do after graduation I’d recommend having a look at their careers page or their graduate scheme. If you do end up applying let me know!

Here’s a flavour of the sort of stuff we do:

Evans Halshaw – Bond Car Timeline

Bonde2save Inside Out

By e2save mobiles

Me and Jen moved to Leeds

As getting to and from work was taking up the best part of three hours a day and we’d both started to work for companies based in Leeds – Jen works as the Manager of the UK’s biggest Vintage Kilo Sale – we both started saving and planning for a move into an unfurnished place in Leeds. After 6 months of depriving ourselves of some of the finer things to afford a deposit, new furniture and all sorts of other new gadgets (reviews will follow at some point I’m sure). First world problems aside, here are a few pictures of our new flat (packed) abode:

It’s been a busy half a year and it only just feeling like life is settling back down into a rhythm. Over the next 6 months I’m aiming to be far more active on here, Twitter and in general life, so expect the content here to reflect that.

Kev x

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