Published on February 23rd, 2018 | by Kevin Lawson

Chloe Howl – Do It Alone

With the current wave of feminism being given a nitro-boost of awareness by the, quite frankly, shocking revelations that kicked off the ‘Me Too’ movement, there is an increasingly large space and mainstream audience for music that wears its feminist credentials with pride. Now, like any social awareness campaign, there will be artists who will suddenly discover their political beliefs to get a few more spins, while some with have been preaching their beliefs from day one.

Now while I won’t bore anyone with why I believe that both streams of content have some inherent value in shifting public perceptions around the wider conversation, what I will do is champion artists like, Londoner Chloe Howl, who, in case you’re wondering is not only an authentic feminist but also a fabulously talented pop-songwriter.

On her latest single, Do It Alone, she delivers a take-no-shit message with the effortless cool that Urban Outfitters overcharge for. With a conspiratorial vocal that sounds like she’s sharing the details of her love life with friends over a glass of wine in a Wetherspoons, she preaches sisterhood: “You wanna get away and gettin’ with me solves the riddle / You wanna break her heart, I won’t commit the crime” admits she’s tempted: “I like you, I’d feel it too if I surrender” but ultimately stays true to her principles: “And I won’t take half of the blame for your lies / Do it alone, you gotta do it all on your own.”

Whatever happens in the post-script between the songs protagonists, Howl’s message displays a thoughtful maturity, self-worth and awareness that is sorely missing in the work of many of her contemporaries.

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