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Easy to Make: Saltfish Fritters

“A great introduction into Carribean cuisine”  

As my girlfriend has Jamaican heritage she often talks about the homemade food her Grandpa cooked as she was growing up; Rice & Pea, Meat Meat (which we think is brown stew), Jerk Fish, Coconut Ice lollies and, her favourite, Saltfish Fritters.

As a home cook of some skill (and an addict of cookery TV shows) I felt obliged to try and teach myself how to make them. Although a little time consuming, this simple recipe is the result of my four or five tries – all of which been successful – and serves as a great introduction to Jamaican cuisine.

So just follow the method below and you will end up with enough large fritters to feed a family of four that taste like the most exotic and fiery fish-fingerish morsels that are a pleasure to make and eat.



300g Saltfish
300g Self Raising Flour (approx)
500ml Water (approx)
3 Red Chillies
4 Spring onions
Cayenne pepper
Hot Sauce (if you like things fiery)
Cooking Oil


1. Open Saltfish (don’t worry about the smell, it’s supposed to smell like that) and place all the fillets in a bowl and wash off the excess salt over the sink.

2. Submerge the fillets in cold water and leave for 4 hours replacing the water two or three times.

3. Chop onions and chillies into fine slices.


4. Place finely chopped spring onions, chillies, paprika, cayenne and self-raising flour into a bowl, mix and slowly add the 500ml of water until the mixture reaches a loose consistency (see picture below).


5.  Heat oil in a large skillet, frying pan (a few millimetres deep) or deep fryer until it’s smoking hot (use a small piece bread as a tester for the heat, if it sizzles in the same ways as fried bread the oil is ready).

6. Add small spoonfuls of the mixture to the frying pan and cook until golden turning once (try not to move the fritters before they have formed a crust otherwise they’ll break)


7. Drain on kitchen roll, no need to season as they are already salty/peppery and serve.

PS. If you want to keep them warm you can do so t hot under a grill but these taste just as good cold.


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