Published on January 8th, 2014 | by Kevin Lawson

Hipster Music Alert: Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

Remember when I said that Wild Beasts had a new album on the way? You should because I only post my 2014 Pop Culture Hotlist a couple of days ago. Well  yesterdays Zane Lowe picked their new single, Wanderlust,  a track that I pick out as a highlight from their recent gig at Sheffield’s Queens Social Club, as his Hottest Record in the World.

The first track from their forth studio album called Present Tense (or should that be Wild Beasts Present Tense?) which is released 24th of February via Domino, finds the Yorkshire lads throwing out the minimal sound of Smother and replacing it with a menacing fusion of 80s and 90s art pop that draws on the bands love of Kate Bush. In a press release regarding the new sound, lead singer Hayden Thorpe said: ‘You can’t try and recapture the past – you have to accept that it’s now a matter of craft, and maturing and getting better at that however you can, and accept that’s what you’ve got going for you now.’

Now you might be reading this thinking that I’ve confused you with someone who gives a fuck about the wanky reasons another hipster band has for why you should like their new material, and normally you’d have a fair point. But this time I implore you to take my word for it, they are the sort of band worth giving two fucks for. That’s a rare thing indeed.

Watch the gloriously insane video below:


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