Published on January 8th, 2014 | by Kevin Lawson

Playstation Now AKA. Netflix For Video Games

Aside from E3, CES is perhaps the only other event of the year where gamers get some genuinely exciting news and 2014 has NOT disappointed.

One of the biggest gripes with both XBox One and the PS4 was their lack of backwards compatibility with older generations of games and today Sony has shown their own hand as to how they are going to fix the problem, a service called Playstation Now.

Like a Netflix for games, the Playstation Now will (eventually) put Sony’s entire back catalogue of Playstation titles in one place for gamers to stream with low latency via their PS3’s, Bravia TV’s, Smartphones, Tablets and its up until this announcement, kind of pointless, PS Vita.

Now as a CS:Source player I remain sceptical about the the ‘low latency’ part of their promise, but seeing as Sony spent $340 million on the Dave Perry backed Gaikai, they had to eventually use the technology. One other issue that I have is how Sony will reward long time Playstation owners who have, and lets not forget this, already paid for these games once. You could argue that you’re paying for a service and I’d be inclined to agree, but I’m not sure everyone will see things in such a moderate way.

As with all media streaming the proof will be in how the service runs, not only on day one, but when it’s stressed by high amounts of subscribers, but for now the dream of being able to play a game like The Last of Us on a long haul flight is something that has stepped a little closer.

The Last of Us streaming onto a PS Vita

For the super nerdy out there, here’s the video Playstation section of Sony’s CES presentation.

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