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In 2013 Huddersfield Students’ Union decided to move into a new build and ceased to operate a bar service. As you can imagine this was a controversial and unpopular decision that sparked debate amongst the student population. The articles below delved into the reasons for and against the move:

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[edit] radio music blog

Started in 2010, the blog was created as a method of driving traffic to the podcasts but soon became a popular service in its own right. Its posts are normally dedicated to dissecting a single track – normally with some pseudo-existential thoughts – and ignited my desire to become a multimedia journalist. Below are a few of my favourite posts:

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Album Reviews for God Is In the Tv Zine  

When I have time, something that has been in drastically short supply sinceI took over the job as T’Hud Magazine editor, I review albums for Bill Cummings at  God Is In the TV Zine. Below are a couple of examples:

Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

Hot Chip – In Our Heads












God is in the TV Zine 


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