Discover Huddersfield

As part of my work to engage T’Hud Magazines with local businesses and the community I was invited to join a council funded group called Discover Huddersfield. Their aim was to help promote Huddersfield by developing a series of guided and unguided tourist walks, distributing them as leaflets in strategic locations around the town centre.

I was commissioned to create a trail aimed at introducing young professionals in or visiting Huddersfield to the parts of the town that are not filled with the identikit shops or services that you can find in any high street up and down the UK. The independent retailers whose goods and services offer value for money and a service level that has all but disappeared in retail.

Called ‘Independent Huddersfield’ the leaflet contents, including pictures, was put together by me and was released in November. It encourages shoppers to visitors to the town to do things like start a vinyl record collection or look for a bargain at the open air market, in the hope that they will take a closer look at the Yorkshire town I’ve come to call home.

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