Published on August 30th, 2014 | by Kevin Lawson

Pulled Apart by Anti-Piracy

I buy a lot of music, more than I should and (as an unemployed wonder at the moment) more than I can afford to, so from time to time I’m ashamed to admit I’ll torrent (or Spotify) a record or two to try before I buy or books tickets. So this weekend when I was digging around Hype-M, Soundcloud, etc for a few more snippets of Pulled Apart By Horses newest record I was tempted by a torrent which looked like a leek of the full record.

Seeing as I have a podcast to record this weekend and the record isn’t out to buy until Monday I thought fuck it, decided to download and it’s then things started to get weird. Opening song Hot Squash (a free single when you pre-ordered the record) played in full and sounds great, but throughout the rest of the record all of the tracks  are usurped by recordings of the band chatting (quite hilariously) about Bit Coins, Sonic the Hedgehog, Skynet, taking phone-calls, Holograms, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and many more.

It’s the sort of soft handed punishment that is a.) entertaining, b.) gives you an insight into the character of the artists and c.) makes you stop to realise that these are lovely wonderful human beings that you’re stealing from.

That’s me well and truly put in my place.

If you decide that the whole thing sounds like “banter” here’s an example of the sort of thing to expect:

PS- you can stream the entire album at NME anyway!

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