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Recommended Reading #1: Blogs

I don’t know about you but personally I could waste days just trawling through blogs and reading various blogs on the Internet. Whether the subject is music, food, games, fashion, humour or anything else for that matter finding a writer who can illicit a reaction from you is worth reading on a regular basis. Here’s a little list of the blogs that are currently ‘fickling my tancy’ so to speak:

The various websites of Kevin Boniface

Being a resident of Huddersfield is an interesting experience, walking down the street you’re as likely to see a host of cute Grandma’s as you are running into local internet sensation DJ Smile “fuck the tile”. Local writer/postman Kevin Boniface excel’s at distilling the quirks of the town and its surrounding areas in a comedic fashion (see below) and is well worth a read.

Big tech-Little tech

“An empty Muller Rice pot and a novelty shaped dayglo-yellow pencil eraser”

How to build your own Telecastle by Chris Bewick

It’s been a while since he finished this project (and he’s moved onto making an acoustic guitar now) but I still go back and flick through Chris’ project to build his own Telecastle from scratch for inspiration (especially as I’m currently building my own business from scratch). If you have ever contemplated doing the same I’d whole heartily recommend that you read this before committing, it’s not easy!


Written by Rolling Stones writer Matthew Perpetua, Fluxblog is one of the original mp3 blogs and is my favourite place to read about music on the net. One third industry commenting, one third music discovery and one third his own personal diary, each of MP’s blog posts will offer a genuine insight into the music he’s covering – something that can’t be said of every music blog at there at the moment.

Kill Screen

Although I swear by my subscription to Edge Magazine for most of my games coverage (and rightly so!) I also have a growing admiration for the work done by Pitchfork’s gaming blogsite Kill Screen. Sure it’s pretentious as hell, but I challenge any gamer to not find it’s articles intellectually stimulating. My personal favourite posts are the sites reviews of LA Noire and  The Stanley Parable which stretch the boundaries of reviewing in truly interesting ways.



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