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The [edit] radio podcast is approaching it’s 400th episode and I am shook!

I try not to think too much about milestones. Maybe it’s because I’ve not achieved all that much or that I’m trying to forget that I’m approaching forty, but I’ve never been one to celebrate achievements, birthdays, etc.

I could probably psychoanalyse myself as someone that doesn’t want to be viewed as a try-hard, but the truth is if I think about stuff like this too much I just feel anxious. So it’s with a mixture of pride and trepidation that I’m sitting down to write about the [edit] radio podcast apporaching its 400th episode.

I still need to let number sink in, Four-fucking-hundred!

Shiiiiiiiit, if in 2009 and you’d had told me that a podcast that I started with a crappy teleconferencing mic and with iWeb would still be trucking along eight years later, well I’d have glazed over and exhaled Napoleon Dynamite style; especially give my habit of abandoning projects (seriously the last time I updated this blog was in 2014!).

I’d have also scoffed at the thought that this sort of project would be genuinely life changing and I’d have been well and truly fucking wrong. Founding [edit] radio changed everything for me on a personal and professional level.

Originally designed to help me feel like I had something to contribute to the local music scene in Reading, [edit] radio led me to move to the north of England to study at University, to switch careers, meet amazing new friends, get in touch with listeners across the world and to Jenessa, the love of my life.

Sorry if that sounds mushy af, but it’s the truth. So, I feel like there are some people that I genuinely need to thank for helping get the podcast off the ground and keep it from crashing into a fiery inferno.

Thanks to presenter’s past and present.

First and foremost, Ben Marwood, needs to be thanked for his advice, support and continued production of amazing podcasts that I enjoy listening to as much as publishing. Our friendship already spans 25 years and will last a lifetime.

To Tom Crook, Paul Whitty and Ben Smith (and their friends), an alliance that was formed in the hallowed confines of the DJ booth at the After Dark (gone be never forgotten) has lasted 7 years! Your shows are beloved by listeners and I look forward to hearing your field recordings every month. Never change. Never leave.

To Jenessa, it took me a long time to give you a regular show on [edit], now that I have, I’m not sure why it took me so long to do so. I promise to try and avoid stealing your songs.

Also to all the former regular presenters and guests: Andrew Backhouse (who will one day be king of new music on Radio 1), Barry Dolan, Adam Stroyan, Laura Calnan, Ami-Beth Phipps, Pete New, Aaron Snowden, James Addiss, Brudenell Groove, Alex Ogilvie, Rob Evans, Rob Samuels, Tom Williams and the Boat, Alex Felllows, Chris Fellows, Sam Houlden, Anthony Povey, Collin Middleton, Frank Floyd, Anthony Barlow, Jim Lockey, Tom George, The Xcerts, Big Jeff, Dave Maul, Ben Adsett, Matthew Lathem, Collin Williams, Paul Collins and anyone that I’ve missed (I’m eternally sorry if I have).

Our silent partner/s

 Outside of presenting and creating shows, there have been some people who have contributed to [edit] radio in often unseen ways and it would be remiss of me to not thank them.

To Tom Mason, I’m honestly so, so, so grateful for everything you’ve given edit radio free of charge. It’s seriously amazing. I’ll owe you pints for the rest of my days.

Finally, to Andrew A’Court and Dan Shannon, your efforts to help with the designs aren’t something I’ll forget.

What’s next?

Well, in short, more podcasts. When we eventually get to 500 podcasts, I’ll probably arrange some form of celebratory gig or sponsor a stage at an urban festival somewhere. I’m also toying with the idea of putting a fanzine or record label together too, we’ll see what energy allows. Until then though, Thanks for your support and for listening and, as always, keep the change ya filthy animals.

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