Published on October 2nd, 2014 | by Kevin Lawson

Tried & Tested: New Balance 574

Tried & Tested: New Balance 574 Kevin Lawson

Summary: The hipster trainer choice, but one that has as much to do with substance as it does with style.


Worth the expense

I don’t what it is about the way I walk, but my feet absolutely ruin trainers. It’s been a longstanding issue for me, which has even managed to break a pair of Dr Martens inside of a year! Whereas some of my friends can claim to have had a pair of Converse All Stars last for years on end, in just six months on my feet the heels will have gone and they’ll leak, in short they’ll be pumped (pun intended).

So in April this year when my last pair of trainers had finally given up the ghost I decided to break the cycle and spend a little more money on a pair of New Balance 574’s. Now I’ll freely admit I never owned a pair of these trainers “when I was younger” so I made the purchase purely on a desire for change and because at the age of 33 I thought they looked cool but a little more grown-up.

Whilst these aren’t the most practical reasons to spend £70 odd quid on some new kicks, I’m ecstatic I did so. As over the last six months, they have easily been the most comfortable and surprisingly hardwearing fashion footwear products I’ve ever owned. The technology on which the trainers soles are designed is good for the health of your feet and super tough, so whilst the gallery below shows there has been some wear on the soles and some fading of the suede, it’s fair to say that they’ve stood up to the destructive power of my feet.

Having worn these trainers pretty much every day for the last six months I’m nothing short of impressed with how well they have and continue to perform, I might even get another pair just for good measure.


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